Why Cloud Solution Providers need to sell solutions, not just products?

Why Cloud Solution Providers need to sell solutions, not just products?

These days businesses are not looking at just purchasing products and services, rather their focus has shifted to buying solutions that address their problems. As a CSP, to be relevant to your customers, you need to identify the dynamic customer expectations and subsequently move from a product-centric to solution-centric approach addressing the challenges faced by the customer.

When you offer to sell customers solutions instead of just products you instantly become a part of their team. They see you as someone who is on their side, focusing on solving their problems and helping them increase productivity. When you are selling solutions not only focus on the short-term problems but look at the bigger picture. In doing so you not only sell products but also gain the trust of your customers leading to long-term business associations.

Customers look for value, not just products

A large number of CSPs can provide customers with Microsoft products at competitive prices. Customers on the other hand are looking at how to add value to their business. To provide the value you need to have a fair knowledge about the industry you are planning to sell to. Customers need you to focus on the “why” before focusing on the “what”. They will spend money on products and services which makes their lives easier and helps them accomplish something or solves a problem they might be having.

Understand the customer’s pain points

As a CSP, focus on understanding the issues that your customers are facing. The more you can understand their needs, the better services you can provide. A sale will happen when your solution solves the customer’s problems. When targeting new customers address the business pain points, they might be facing and offer them solutions for it. Look at the needs of the prospective customer holistically and recommend products and services accordingly.

Focus on selling value, not just features

The features and specifications of products are important but when you are trying to sell a solution think beyond the immediate. Focus on not what the product does but how it can benefit your customer. The buyers are more interested in how you will solve their problem rather than the particular features of your product. You need to make your customers understand the ROI of the product and not the purchase price.

Be better positioned with automation

Using a cloud automation platform not only increases your operational efficiency but can also help you sell more. Using automation, you can create bundled offerings based on the needs of your individual customers, you can also offer your own value add. Offering self-service features, the flexibility of choosing their billing cycle, having round-the-clock access to their billing and payment-related data helps your customers manage their business better. By using a billing automation tool your customers can directly pull data into their systems with the help of integrations. Customers see the added advantages of automation as a value along with the products you sell. Automation provides you with a competitive advantage over other CSPs.

Sell solutions with C3

C3 enables CSPs to create customized solutions and offers for their customers rather than simply selling cloud products. It allows them to bundle together offerings as holistic solutions which address customer problems. With capabilities of custom offers, plan management, billing automation, etc. C3 is a one stop shop for all CSPs to create, sell, and provision cloud solutions and grow their business by catering to all milestones of the customer lifecycle.
Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant

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