How does C3 support independent feature or integration requests?2020-06-18T18:59:13+00:00

CSP Control Center is open to requests for independent Integration requests based on feasibility study and the development costs.

Which external CRM integrations options are available with C3?2020-06-18T20:12:44+00:00

External Integrations like Dynamics365,Business Central, MSFTGP, ConnectWise are in roadmap.

Which payment gateways are supported on C3?2020-06-18T18:52:21+00:00

CSP Control Center support payment gateways like Bil&Pay, Stripe, EziDebit, Authorize.Net, CyberSource etc.

What are the accounting software integrations available?2020-06-18T18:53:19+00:00

C3 supports accounting software like QuickBooks, XERO etc.

How does C3 handles monthly unit price updates from MSFT?2020-06-18T18:56:23+00:00

CSP Control Center pull-ups pricing information from your partner center every month & update the same pricing in your C3 plans. Your defined mark-ups are updated accordingly.

How are multi-country CSPs supported on C3?2020-06-18T19:02:25+00:00

CSP Control Center is a Multi-tenant solution empowering you to manage multiple CSP account tenants under a single C3 instance.

Is Localization supported on C3?2020-06-18T19:03:28+00:00

CSP Control Center has an extensive support for multiple languages like Spanish, French, Thai, Taiwanese. Further language support can be enabled on request.

Does C3 support White-labelled Marketplace?2020-06-18T19:05:27+00:00

C3 supports white-labelled Marketplace configured on your domain in which you can customize the URL, logos, invoice footers etc.

Can we offer discounts for selected or all customers?2020-06-18T19:20:14+00:00

CSP Control Center let’s you can set discount coupons that can be applied to customer or subscription level.

Can we define different sale price per customer?2020-06-18T19:20:59+00:00

Using plan feature inside C3, you can define custom pricing for each customer based on your contract/deal with them. Invoice would be generated on the defined sale price inside plan.

Does C3 have a minimum contract or lock in period after sign-up?2020-06-18T19:21:31+00:00

No. Currently we don’t have a lock-in period for C3 subscription.

Is our C3 subscription set to auto-renew?2020-06-18T19:22:15+00:00

Yes. C3 subscription auto-renews on 1st of every month unless cancelled.

Can we set C3 invoice payment via auto-pay?2020-06-18T19:25:04+00:00

Yes. You can provide Credit Card/ACH details and the same would be used to collect payment on system defined date.

What is the minimum pricing tier?2020-06-18T19:26:53+00:00

CSP Control Center starts at as low as $49/MO for C3 lite.

When is monthly C3 Invoice for our subscription generated?2020-06-18T19:50:33+00:00

C3 monthly invoice is generated on 10th of every month.

When can we expect our first invoice?2020-06-18T19:52:22+00:00

Your first C3 invoice is generated 30 days after your free trial period ends.

Is support extended for customer onboarding?2020-06-18T19:52:46+00:00

Customer onboarding is free of cost. Our support team would help you with all your onboarding requests.

What kind of support is available with C3 subscription?2020-06-18T19:53:53+00:00

C3 comes with unlimited complimentary support. We do not charge any support fees for support.

How do I cancel my C3 subscription?2020-06-18T19:54:16+00:00

For any issues or concerns regarding the product which we can make better, we would be more than happy to do it. If you still would like to proceed with C3 subscription cancellation, You can email support team to cancel it and we will proceed with your request.

How much time does it take to fully go live after sign-up?2020-06-18T19:55:00+00:00

After signup, your C3 instance is available within 4 hours to start with initial customer onboarding & plan creation.

Are the product features hard coded or can be customized?2020-06-18T19:55:44+00:00

Most of the product features are soft coded and can be either modified by you from your C3 platform or support assistance.

What are the C3 capabilities from customer/reseller point of view?2020-06-18T19:56:58+00:00

Resellers/customers can manage complete CSP business lifecycle from buying products, updating license counts, Access to invoices and setting up auto-payments.

We are good to sign up. What pricing tier would be applied to our deployment?2020-06-18T19:57:30+00:00

C3 pricing depends on your MSFT invoices. For more information, please reach out to info@spektrasystems.com

Where will our C3 deployment be hosted?2020-06-18T19:58:43+00:00

C3 deployment by default gets hosted on our Azure SAAS and deployed in the nearest Azure region to your location. However, you have the option to host the deployment in your subscription where you must bear the hosting cost.

After sign-up, how do we get started?2020-06-18T19:59:52+00:00

After sign-up, C3 support team helps with your customer onboarding, Initial plan creations with individual pricing so you can start transacting via C3. The entire process is quick and hassle free.

What type of Solution Providers are supported on C3?2020-06-18T20:00:41+00:00

Currently MSFT CSPs are supported. AWS/GCP are in pipeline and should be available soon.

What are various C3 subscription SKUs?2020-06-18T20:02:10+00:00

For In-depth understanding of the C3 subscription SKUS please refer to pricing page https://cspcontrolcenter.com/pricing/

How do we get started with C3?2020-06-18T20:04:01+00:00

You can sign up from link provided on our website or email us at info@spektrasystems.com for demo and sign-up assistance.

We have recently received our direct CSP partnership. Is there a plan for a provider of our size?2020-06-18T20:05:24+00:00

C3 Lite plan starts at with as low as $49/mo. which can help you keep going.

Does C3 support APIs for external Integration?2020-06-18T20:06:06+00:00

We can expose APIs based on your request to meet the requirement.

Does C3 support Multi-Country solution providers?2020-06-18T20:07:37+00:00

You can manage multiple CSP accounts from a single C3 instance with a single sign-in.

Is there any onboarding fee apart from the monthly plan charges?2020-06-18T20:08:05+00:00

There is no onboarding fee for migrating your customers from Partner Center to C3.

What type of external accounting software integration is available?2020-06-18T20:08:32+00:00

C3 supports accounting software like QuickBooks, Xero Etc.

What type of support is available post signup?2020-06-18T20:09:00+00:00

C3 provides complimentary 24*7 support throughout the year.

What is the difference between C3 lite and standard?2020-06-18T20:10:40+00:00

C3 standard supports self-serve capabilities and Azure reporting whereas C3 lite is used for customer invoicing purpose only.

Does C3 has a free trial available?2020-06-18T20:11:17+00:00

C3 offers 30 days free trial for you to have a complete experience of the product.

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