How Microsoft CSPs can build a successful managed services practice CSP growth series

Indirect Resellers


The rapidly growing demand for cloud-based solutions & services provides expanding opportunities for solution providers of all sizes to create profitable cloud solution businesses. Partners who have their CSP business aligned via indirect providers can leverage CSP Control Center through distributors. Consult with your distributor to onboard C3 to start the journey towards a great CSP experience.

No respite from billing woes despite managing multiple customer reconciliation files
Microsoft CSP monthly pricing changes making implementation hard
Numerous license count changes and new purchase requests from customers
Waiting on distributor for usage reconciliation to initiate Invoicing every month.
Unable to implement cost management and Azure billing forecasting
Customers demanding self-serve portal to avoid support requests to scale up or down
Issues with implementing intuitive reporting and dashboard analytics
Unable to sell custom offers, value-add services and support services


Growing business requires focus on new territories and enough time to see it becomes reality. Automate your CSP management so you can focus on new sales and bring new business into fold. Microsoft Cloud solution Provider has an exponential growth since it was launched and vast untapped market to acquire. C3 helps you auto-pilot the current CSP management challenges while you continue your voyage of business expansion.

Simple yet powerful UI available across all devices to help you succeed. White-labelled portal configured on your domain
C3 automates Microsoft pricing changes in your account by leveraging Microsoft APIs so no more spreadsheets
PowerBI based reporting to analyze customer analytics on multiple dimensions and reporting with ease and detail
Easy to use self-serve capabilities for customers and affiliates. No more support requests or emails for provisioning requests.
Automated pro-rated billing and payments. Itemized invoicing for license and usage-based services along with your custom offers
Integrated payments methods (Credit card cards, ACH). Settle payments at C3, collect and record advance payments
Out of the box integration with various payment gateways like Authorize.Net, Stripe, Bill&Pay, Ezidebit and MCB
Custom Invoicing available ranging from newly defined Sites, Departments & as per defined currency conversion rules
Multi-tenant support under single entity. Manage your entire business from single account
Extensive support for new commerce experience, Azure plans, and Azure reservations
Solution available in multiple localizations like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Thai, Taiwanese, Turkish
Create and manage Account managers for your customers functioning as SPOCs

Scale your business with pureplay solution to drive it to success.

Gain control of business by implementing solution that saves time on internal CSP management & finances. From extensive features experience to reporting with CSP Control Center.

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