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Microsoft CSP Partners across the globe have been using C3 happily for years. We aim to ease adoption of technology to help partners automate and streamline their business to serve their customers better and faster.

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Partner Success Stories

The entire team at C3 really understand what good customer service looks like and appreciate input ‘from the ground’ to enhance the platform and make it the best in the business. We have found their willingness to develop changes and do so with urgency, care and understanding – most refreshing, and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with C3. The platform provides us with a fantastic foundation on which we can make the most of the Microsoft CSP program by providing true excellence-of-service to our clients.

colin macandrew
Colin Macandrew
CTO, Transparity

With C3 as our CSP management platform, we’ve been able to grow and expand our Cloud Business efficiently. Drill down of azure billing is extremely helpful for us and our customer in understanding and optimizing Azure bills. We value our relationship is with not only the Spektra Systems as a company, but the employees also, and I feel they are invested in our success as well.

Mark ODell 004 150x150 1
Mark O’Dell
Operations Director, TechQuarters UK

C3 allows us to focus on our customers instead of being tangled into complexity of managing complicated tools for usage consolidation and invoicing. The User interface is friendly and ease to navigate. We can make easy customer service usage estimates and analyze cost per various metrics available.

thomas 150x150 1
Thomas Baggenstos
President of Board of Directors, A. Baggenstos & Co. AG

We’ve found the C3 features ensure both the partner and client benefit. C3 provides our clients a one stop digital portal for the best CSP management experience. And as a CSP partner, Professional Advantage achieves easier client on boarding, a 24x7 self-service offering for clients, and less management overhead. Both partners and clients benefit together, and the C3 offering has provided another reason our clients choose to work with us.

Michael Foertsch
Michael Foertsch
Customer Services Manager, Professional Advantage Pty Ltd

We had been headhunting a CSP management solution within our budget for quite a time when we found C3. C3 was our choice from get go as it was just what we had been searching for. A complete solution that manages your CSP business the way you want to. From scheduling product demo till on-boarding was well within a week and after that an easy management work. We can manage the entire customer billing and management through C3 by only spending 75% of the time we used to spend without it.

Aaron Inscho
Aaron Inscho
Technical Account Manager, RealPage Inc.

We evaluated four other CSP portals before we found Spektra Systems. Working with their team we were able to be up and running in days, not months. They are always fast to respond to our queries and help us offer a seamless Microsoft Cloud experience to our clients.

charlie 150x150 1
Charlie Ramirez
Managing Partner, Team Venti

C3 is not only a great CSP management platform but it's the support we receive from Spektra employees that compliments it and gives us the best value. C3 support is deeply invested in our success and is reachable at prompt. It was a great on-boarding experience and has been a smooth sail since then. The pricing tier aligns itself with the revenue we generate and it is perfect. Looking forward to great success with C3.

Aaron Jagger
Aaron Jagger
Cloud Practice Lead, CanCom USA

Before moving to C3 we had been searching for platform that would provide a white-labelled self-service portal for our Microsoft CSP customers, as well as support billing automaton and invoicing capabilities. While there are other platforms out there we had not found one that meets our requirements as well as C3. C3 platform offers great value for money and their help made the on-boarding process simple.

ben whittaker
Ben Whittaker
Senior Technical Architect, Piksel Group Inc.

Before C3, TurnPoint was drowning in the complexity of Microsoft’s CSP platform, but C3 removed all the complexity and allowed TurnPoint to focus on what we do best: Helping our customers succeed with Microsoft Online Services.

aaron 150x150 1
Aaron Marks
CTO, TurnPoint

We have been using C3 for a little less than a year and couldn’t imagine doing without it now. Totally in line with the highly “on-demand use” principle of the CSP model, CSP Control Center has allowed us to empower our customers on the management of their Microsoft licenses that alone manage the quantities of licenses needed for their business.

steven barthelemy
Steven Barthelemy
Commercial Engineer, Alfun (Part of Devoteam)

As a Direct Microsoft CSP, we were looking for a tool to manage all of our License/Azure subscriptions and the associated pricing. C3 understood our issues from the start and have worked with us along the way to provide us with a solution that allows us to focus on sales and management. Our customers now have access to their data in a clear format, and ability to manage their subscriptions. Most importantly we are letting the C3 development team handle Microsoft’s ever-changing environment and the billing associated with it. This has saved countless hours and we look forward to continuing our successful partnership with them.

Nick Gallo
Nick Gallo
VP Finance, B&R Business Solutions LLC

When you have business spread across multiple countries, on-boarding a new product to manage your customers is a tricky thing. There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration before the final call is made. Choosing C3 as a CSP-Tier1 billing & provisioning solution was undoubtedly the best choice considering the output we are getting, a true end to end Modern Partner experience. It is tightly integrated with our entire business and helps us manage end to end client lifecycle effortlessly.

Laco Vosika
Laco Vosika
Co-Founder, Becloudsmart

CSP Control Center helped us in establishing our own cloud marketplace portal with ability to transact directly with Partner Center and also our clients can manage their licenses directly from C3 portal. We like the simplicity of the product and promptness of Spektra Team. The product is a great fit for us and value for money for the features that it offers.

Tõnis Tikerpäe
Service Manager, Primend OÜ

Western Computer implemented the C3 CSP Control Center solution over a year ago, it was easy to set up with the help from the C3 team. Our customers love the self-service access to manage their own subscriptions, which is a huge time saver for Western Computer. Ongoing customer support from C3 is awesome, they are fast to respond, and responses are always accurate.

katherine turner lawrence
Katherine Turner-Lawrence
VP Sales & Marketing, Western Computer

The single most important benefit our business received from C3 is the ability to analyze reports ranging from revenue to customer utilization instead of maintaining massive spreadsheets and waiting for monthly consolidated reports to appear before we can make decisions. This helps us to plan things in advance and manage customer resources accordingly. The time c3 helps us save in comparison to previous operational schedule is being invested in other business key areas.

Mike Mackey
Mike Mackey

As Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Providers, we tried several billing and portal products over the years but found them overly complex and unintuitive. We were ready to give up until we found Spektra’s C3 platform. This amazing product does exactly what we need it to do. It provides accurate customer billing information, integrates with our accounting system, and gives customers a straightforward front-end subscription management system. Most importantly, their service and support are the best.

Lisa Parris
Lisa Parris
COO, E|Consortium

I highly recommend C3 for its great features. One aspect that particularly impressed me is its efficiency and revenue-based pricing structure. When we were searching for alternatives to meet our needs, C3 stood out due to its customized features catering to Cloud Service Providers like us. The onboarding process was seamless, and using the interface is incredibly user-friendly. Since implementing C3, we have experienced significant efficiencies allowing us to scale our Microsoft business, and our customers now have enhanced visibility into their Cloud billing and provisioning.

Stev Griffin
Steve Griffin
Technical Account Manager, L3 Networks, Inc

C3 helped to solve the most pressing challenges we faced as a CSP provider. Subscription management and billing can be done faster, easier, and with minimal effort. Our team was most impressed with marketplace access and self-service capabilities for the end customers. It enables our Microsoft CSP customers to easily purchase, provision, and manage cloud resources.

Danijela Radunovic Vasiljevic
Danijela Radunovic Vasiljevic
Sales Operations, MainStream EU

Faced with billing and reconciliation challenges, Ascent Technology decided to try CSP Control Center. We were pleased that we were able to get started on the new platform within a week, and the onboarding was smooth. As a white-labelled solution, CSP Control Center is easy to navigate. We were impressed with the way the team helped us understand and get comfortable with the New Commerce Experience. Their support team definitely know what they are doing and are always reachable when we need assistance. Additionally, the ability to self-provision New Commerce Experience subscriptions has provided a value-add for our clients. Ascent Technology is pleased that we made the change to the CSP Control Center platform.

Imraan Sallie
Imraan Sallie
Operations Director, Ascent Technology

Neway Technologies has implemented the C3 solution in our CSP practice. Since its implementation, our monthly invoicing is much less time-consuming and less error prone. From a 2–3-day invoicing cycle we are now completing all invoicing in 4 hours! This has made our CSP reseller business more efficient and predictable.

Daniel Perruzzo
Daniel Perruzzo
Director of Sales, Neway Technologies

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