Increase your Microsoft CSP revenue with upselling and cross-selling



Being an Indirect Provider means having plenty on your plate to deal with as a business. A great solution can manage the billing and provisioning issues while you grow to new heights. Manage complete distribution business with ease from a single interface.

Handling billing for multiple channel partners and resellers onetime and monthly
Creating custom mark-ups to keep resellers manage business.
Unsure how to manage bundling offers without adding more manual work.
Skeptical to offer product offerings to avoid making billing and invoicing.
Orders coming from online and offline mediums making it complex to manage orders.
Thinking about ideas to mix the Microsoft offers and custom offers.


C3 simplifies the complexities of CSP business by empowering distributors with powerful features. Distributors can manage indirect resellers’ complete business lifecycle from a single interface. As a Distributor, your C3 subscription expands access for resellers and their end customers to self-service capabilities and more.

Automate order provisioning from the get-go for complete billing control
Multi-tenant support under single entity. Support for multiple currency
Set distributor visible only mark-ups whilst your resellers can set their own
Manage all changes to software and Azure plans/subscriptions
Custom Invoicing available ranging from newly defined Sites, departments & as per Currency
Automated Invoicing for re-sellers and re-seller customers for product and services
Multi-tenant support under single entity. Manage your entire business from single account
Provide self-serve portal access to re-sellers and their end customer to create a great experience till the end
GDPR, SOC2 Type II and PCI complaint platform with enterprise-level security
Create plans, offer bundles and coupons to present varied business offerings
Payment collection via CC, ACH and record payments collected externally
Set Account managers for your resellers functioning as SPOCs

Scale your business with pureplay solution to drive it to success.

Gain control of business by implementing solution that saves time on internal CSP management & finances. From extensive features experience to reporting with CSP Control Center.

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