C3 Features

Multi-model platform

Microsoft CSP Distributors (Indirect Re-sellers)

Direct CSP Partners, sell to your affiliates and customers

Support for Multi-Country CSP Partners

Self-Service Marketplace

White-labelled marketplace with end to end self-service for direct partners, distributors indirect re-sellers and end customers.

Access to end customers to purchase and provision their Microsoft CSP offers, right from your marketplace

Role based access control for different departmental permissions requirements.

Pricing and Offers

Define your custom pricing, markup on preloaded Microsoft CSP Offers

Sell Non-Microsoft products and your value-added services

Bundle multiple products and services together and sell as a composite offer.

Azure Billing

Sell and manage Azure usage-based subscriptions

Comprehensive azure billing and estimates before end of the month, based on resource groups and other similar entities.

Group subscriptions and manage cost control

Learn more for Azure Billing

Billing and Invoicing

Automated invoicing for your re-sellers and customers

Enable discounts, promotional coupons and make adjustments

Integration with your accounts software including Quickbooks, Xero etc.

Flexible payment integrations

Multiple payment method including Credit Card, ACH(US Only) and offline Cheque based payments.

Integrate with multiple gateways for online payments including Authorize.Net, Stripe, EziDebit, Cybersource etc.

All other payment gateway support via Bil&Pay.


Add localization experience and enable your partners customers a easier and homely experience

Support languags: English, Spanish, French, Thai, Chinese, Taiwaneese

Additional languages support can be added based on requirements

Reporting and Analytics

Analyze your CSP business to determine your most profitable technologies and customers; Helping you grow your cloud business.

Revenue and CSP profit summary

PowerBI based advanced reporting and dashboards for analytics.

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