What’s next for Microsoft CSP: Upcoming Updates

What’s next for Microsoft CSP: Upcoming Updates

To enhance customer experience and offer improved solutions, Microsoft keeps evolving and strengthening the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. The regular and timely updates help Microsoft CSPs sell more solutions and maximize their revenue. Being a Microsoft CSP, you should look at getting the most out of the enhanced offerings. To benefit from the support Microsoft provides to its partners you need to keep up with all the upcoming changes and important updates to the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. This article will take you through some of the latest updates for October 2022 that can help you gear up to grow your business by leveraging what Microsoft has to offer!

What’s new for Microsoft CSP?

With the aim of delivering more value to customers, Microsoft has launched and revamped some of its existing features. A few upcoming changes and opportunities that are important for CSPs are highlighted below.

Microsoft Inspire: on-demand sessions

Microsoft Inspire, the largest annual partner-focused event hosted by Microsoft is held to recognize the work of its partners and their impact. For a Microsoft CSP, participating in this event can give an opportunity to connect and learn from others in the Microsoft Partner community. This event provides a platform for Microsoft CSPs to listen to talks by Microsoft’s senior leaders, business, and industry leaders as well as best-selling authors. Microsoft CSPs also get to know about upcoming changes to the partner program, explore new product roadmaps, and gain valuable insights into what is coming next. The various demos, presentations, and workshops being conducted on various topics can help CSPs learn new skills and enhance their knowledge.

The networking opportunity provided by Microsoft Inspire allows Microsoft CSPs to connect with other panthers and explore future business collaborations. This event also provides new business opportunities for CSPs as it is attended by business leaders and companies who are looking for technology partners. The last Microsoft Inspire was held in July 2022 and for those who missed attending it or would want to revisit, the sessions and recording are now available on demand. To know more about Microsoft, Inspire 2022 and access the sessions, read the Microsoft Partner blog.

Experience seamless partner experience with a redesigned partner website

Microsoft has redesigned the partner website that makes navigation easier for its partners. In the redesigned interface there are seven main tabs that can help Microsoft CSPs explore opportunities and know the latest on the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program. These main tabs are: Partnership, Explore, Connect, Training, Support, and Find a Partner.

Microsoft CSPs can go through these different tabs for help in building competitive solutions, Go-To-Market with readily available marketing resources, building business connections, learning new skills, earning certifications to strengthen the business, seeking guidance and support from Microsoft, getting the latest information on Microsoft offerings and program changes, etc. The improved design and navigation simplify the process of exploring the various resources available for Microsoft CSPs to accelerate their business and drive sales. To learn more about the redesigned partner website and the different tabs and resources available under each tab you can read Microsoft’s blog on simplified partner website design.

The New Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Microsoft had announced changing the name of its partner program from “Microsoft Partner Network” to the “Microsoft Cloud Partner Program”. The revamped program went live on October 3, 2022 and is aimed at helping the partners grow and deliver value. Apart from changing the name, Microsoft has simplified the existing 18 competencies into six high-demand cloud solution areas- Data & AI (Azure), Infrastructure (Azure), Digital & App Innovation (Azure), Business Applications, Modern Work, and Security.

With the official launch of the Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, Solutions partner designations will be available for Microsoft CSPs. Attaining solutions partner designations in one or more solutions areas will help CSPs differentiate from the competition and demonstrate their capabilities and expertise. Under the revamped partner program, the MPIN ID will be now called the Partner ID. To learn more about the six solution areas and the benefits of attaining solutions partner designations, you can read our earlier blog.

To attain a solutions partner designation, CSPs have to ensure that they have the right partner associations in place. Microsoft will solely depend upon these associations to recognize and calculate the partner capability score. The certifications earned by the employees should be linked to the CSPs’ account in the Partner Center to get the benefit under the skilling category of the partner capability score. We have prepared a guide to make it easier for Microsoft CSPs to understand the partner capability score and the eligibility requirements for each solution’s partner designation.

Launch of the new Microsoft Learn product family

To run a successful CSP business, regular upskilling and improving sales and technical capabilities are needed. Training and certifications improve the performance of employees. As per research by IDC, “Microsoft trained and certified IT professionals perform 26% better than

colleagues with the same responsibilities who were not certified.” Keeping this in mind, Microsoft has upgraded and launched the new Microsoft Learn. CSP partners can find all Microsoft training, certifications, documentation, and resources all at https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/.  The redesigned Microsoft Learn is streamlined which makes it easy for Microsoft Partners to explore resources as per their needs.  With Microsoft Learn, CSPs not only have access to technical documentation but get the opportunity of earning globally recognized certifications, getting hands-on personalized training, connecting with experts and other learners, and running code samples that can be modified and used in their own projects.

Partner with C3 to keep up with Microsoft updates

At C3 we understand how critical it is for CSPs to be well-informed of any key announcement made by Microsoft that can directly or indirectly impact them or their customers. Keeping abreast with Microsoft’s evolving Microsoft Cloud Partner Program, the technology ecosystem offered by us is regularly upgraded to effectively serve the requirements of CSPs. Additionally, CSPs can access our blog to remain up to date with Microsoft announcements.

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