Business Growth: How to increase CSP business revenue with custom offers

Business Growth: How to increase CSP business revenue with custom offers

With rise in competition, dynamic market conditions and changing customer expectations, CSPs are striving hard to make their mark. Invariably, automation with the elimination of revenue leakages, increased efficiency and better customer satisfaction are critical factors to positively impact the bottom line. However, gradually, CSPs are exploring other avenues and pathways to increase their profits by creating new revenue streams. With C3, CSPs can provide their customers with custom offers, leading to greater revenue sources, value adds as well as opportunities for a better and holistic customer experience. Through the course of this blog, we will explore what custom offers entail and how CSPs can leverage them to create sustainable and scalable businesses.

What are custom offers?


Conventionally, CSPs or Microsoft Partners purchase Microsoft products, services and licenses and resell them to their customers with a custom margin and offer technical support as and when required. The profits received from selling Microsoft products and services with customs margins and markups are a great starting point. However, CSPs seeking to take their business to the next level need to step up their offerings. This is where C3’s custom offers features come in play.

As the name suggests, it enables CSPs to customize what they offer to their customers. In addition to Microsoft products, CSPs have the option to market, sell and provide non-Microsoft or 3rd party products that the customers might seek. Furthermore, CSPs can sell their value-add services to augment the entire experience and offering. Consequently, the bouquet of services and products available with the CSP to offer increases considerably, with more revenue streams and increased profit margins.

Custom offers: 3 opportunities to increase revenue


Let’s quickly jump to how custom offers have the potential to increase revenue for CSP businesses. On a macro level, CSP can leverage custom offers to create new revenue streams as well as increase the scope of existing ones with better customer experience, both collectively contributing to a healthier bottom line.

Sell value-add services


The first new revenue stream arises from the opportunity to sell value-add services spearheaded by the CSP. As a CSP looking to scale business, there must be several services that you might have to offer, in addition to the Microsoft products in your catalogue. With C3, you can seamlessly market and sell these services. Furthermore, you can create use cases for each of your value-add services on how it aligns well with and augments the experience and utility of the other Microsoft products. By offering your value-add services along with Microsoft offerings and a rationale for purchasing them together, you are likely to generate stronger revenue.

Offer 3rd party products


In addition to your value-add services, you can also sell non-Microsoft products and services, provisioned by other 3rd parties. While Microsoft products might have a limited margin and profit capacity, you can sell the other products using scenario-based pricing and benefit from stretched margins. Additionally, you can create bundles with Microsoft, 3rd party and your value-add services, with considerable profit margins.

Provide a holistic customer experience


Finally, providing all the products and services in place can help CSPs offer a holistic customer experience. Customers no longer must shuffle between different solution providers to subscribe to services that match their diverse requirements. With C3, CSPs can provide their customers with a marketplace experience to purchase different products and services, making their journey seamless and comprehensive.

Get started with custom offers with C3


If you feel you are ready to scale your CSP business and leverage new revenue streamers, get your hands on custom offers with C3. In addition to new revenue streams, increase your sales by offering customers all that they need in one place. With C3, you can offer managed services and 3rd party products with a web shop experience. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and book a free demo to explore the other features which can help you accelerate your business growth exponentially.

Ravi Kant
Ravi Kant

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