Spektra Systems, along with other Microsoft partners is organizing a series of webinars, aimed to assist Microsoft CSP Partners in accelerating their CSP Business and talk about updates around the CSP Program.

Join these free webinars and Q&A sessions to learn about

  • Recent/Upcoming Changes to Microsoft CSP Program

  • Best Practices for Selling new services with CSP including RI, Visual Studio etc

  • Upsell with Partner Solutions including Adobe.

  • Selling and Billing best practices in a  cloud business.

Webinar 1: Microsoft Cloud Agreement Customer Acceptance

In this Webinar, We’ll discuss upcoming changes in the CSP program related to customer acceptance and building secure CSP business practices with MFA.


  • Understand Microsoft Cloud Agreement and Microsoft Cloud Agreement Customer Acceptance

  • What is changing from Nov 7th and How to be ready for the change.

When: 1 Nov 2018. 7.00AM & 6.00PM PDT

Webinar 2: Adobe Sign for Microsoft CSPs

This webinar is designed for Microsoft Partners to get them a clear understanding of Adobe Sign and how it integrates with Microsoft.


  • Adobe + Microsoft Partnership

  • The Benefits of end to end Digital Document Process

  • Different Use Cases for Adobe Sign and how it impacts business

  • Customer Benefits/Identifying an opportunity

  • Reason to chose Adobe Sign

When: 6 Nov 2018. 7.00AM PDT

Webinar 3: Sell Azure Reserved Instances and Software Subscriptions with Microsoft CSP

In this webinar, We’ll discuss how you can grow your CSP business by selling Azure Reserved Instances and Software Subscriptions to your Customer.


  • Understand Azure Reserved Instances and Savings with RI

  • Selling RI with CSP

  • Understand Software Subscriptions selling with CSP

  • CSP Billing best practices for RI and Software Subscriptions.

When: 13 Nov 2018. 7.00AM & 6.00PM PDT

Webinar 4: Sell Visual Studio offers with Microsoft CSP

Partners in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program can purchase Visual Studio Enterprise and Visual Studio Professional cloud subscriptions for their customers.


  • Understand Microsoft Visual Studio Offers in CSP

  • How to purchase, provision, manage and cancel Visual Studio  Subscriptions

  • Billing Visual Studio Subscriptions in CSP

  • FAQ

When: 20 Nov 2018. 7.00AM & 6.00PM PDT

You can review and register for all webinars here. Please reach out to info@spektrasystems.com in case of any questions