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Discover the capabilities of CSP Control Center, the leading SpinPanel alternative, tailored to elevate operational efficiency and fuel growth within your Microsoft CSP Business. Evaluate CSP Control Center against SpinPanel to harness features that propel your expansion and streamline operations with unparalleled effectiveness.

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Feature Comparison

CSP Control Center Vs SpinPanel

Features CSP Control Center SpinPanel

License Management 

Seamless provisioning, bundling, and pricing adjustments can be effortlessly executed across Office 365, Azure, and Dynamics 365 through a unified interface. Completely backs the Microsoft NCE Program. Bid farewell to the disarray of siloed operations.
Capable, but less comprehensive. Doesn't support Microsoft NCE program extensively. Manual configurations and limited usage insights.

Billing and Invoicing  

The billing cycle is automated, ensuring efficiency, and there is support for multiple currencies. Flexible pricing models are in place, and customization options are available for invoicing. Additionally, there is integration with payment systems for a comprehensive financial solution.
Strong in billing with multi-currency and tiered pricing, but integrations with Azure can lead to discrepancies.

Customer Self-Service  

Access the self-service portal for comprehensive control over subscriptions, efficient management of billing processes, seamless support ticketing, and access to a knowledge base for additional resources and information.
Offers self-service, but the interface can be less intuitive.

Reporting and Analytics   

Engage in data visualization through dynamic charts and graphs, monitor sales performance with dedicated dashboards, gain valuable customer insights, and access detailed reports on usage patterns for a comprehensive understanding of your business metrics.
Functional reporting, but lacks depth and customization options.

Product Support

Effortlessly integrates with leading Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools, accounting software, and payment gateways, ensuring a seamlessly interconnected ecosystem that operates with remarkable fluidity.
Integrations exist, but can be challenging to set up and maintain.

Additional Features    

Stay ahead of the curve with advanced features such as quota management, project-based billing, and automated subscription renewals, ensuring a sophisticated and proactive approach to your business processes.
Lacks the additional features to significantly differentiate your business.

Want to know about C3’s feature capabilities?

Revolutionizing Microsoft CSP and MSP Billing Operations with Game-Changing Features

License Management

Smooth activation of subscription licenses, complemented by a robust system for tracking compliance, ensures a seamless and reliable experience for users.

Reporting and Analytics

Detailed Data Visualization and informative performance dashboards that provide valuable insights into key metrics and operational performance.

Billing and Invoicing

Efficient and automated processes, combined with a variety of pricing models, contribute to a streamlined approach that enhances operational effectiveness.


Experience smooth interoperability with our software, offering seamless compatibility with various third-party systems, coupled with robust integrations for enhanced functionality.

Customer Self-Service

User-friendly interface, coupled with comprehensive support management capabilities, ensures a seamless and user-intuitive experience.

Additional Features

A multitude of high-quality features that boost productivity and elevate the customer experience to new heights.

Value Proposition

“Experience unparalleled efficiency with the CSP Control Center, unlocking the potential for a 20% increase in revenue through automated billing and strategic upselling. This platform seamlessly scales with your ambitions, promising a remarkable return on investment.”

How CSP Control Center can help you manage your customer lifecycle seamlessly

Power your CSP business with pureplay automation, self-service capabilities, and white-label marketplace.


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    FAQs on CSP Control Center Features:

    The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section for CSP Control Center Features provides comprehensive information to address common queries and concerns regarding the platform’s functionalities.

    How does CSP Control Center automate license management?

    License management extends as a service to both partners and customers, affording partners the flexibility to determine its course based on their distinct requirements. C3 encompasses feature capabilities designed to adeptly manage subscription purchase and renewal scheduling.

    Can I customize invoices in CSP Control Center?

    Partners have the option to utilize one of our pre-existing in-built invoice customizations. Should there be any specific customizations needed, our team is ready to collaborate with partners to implement those tailored adjustments.

    What self-service options does CSP Control Center offer for customers?

    Customers have the autonomy to oversee their entire purchase lifecycle independently, free from reliance on partners. Nonetheless, partners have the flexibility to establish diverse approval mechanisms for purchase management if they choose to do so.

    Tell me more about CSP Control Center's (C3) reporting and analytics capabilities.

    C3 is equipped with built-in reporting capabilities that cover various dimensions, allowing businesses to reflect on multiple aspects of their operations. Furthermore, these reporting functionalities can be elevated to a higher level by enabling PowerBI integration, tailored to meet the specific requirements of our partners.

    Is CSP Control Center compatible with popular third-party applications?

    C3 offers strong out-of-the-box integrations with Quickbooks, Xero, ConnectWise, Autotask, Stripe, Bill&pay, and Authorize.net. We have additional integrations planned and included in our product roadmap.

    How does CSP Control Center ensure security and user management?

    User logins and sessions within C3 are safeguarded through the utilization of Microsoft Azure Active Directory (AAD), ensuring enhanced security with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) enabled. Additionally, Single Sign-On (SSO) functionality is supported for seamless and secure access.

    What support services are provided with CSP Control Center?

    Comprehensive product support is provided as a complimentary service included with your C3 subscription.


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