Azure Billing

Define margin markup per subscription

Partners can grant access to Azure subscriptions to their customers and use markup feature to define the cost for the usage. Customer will see the azure bill and estimates as actual cost + your margin combined.

Azure Spend Estimates till date

C3 comes with an efficient engine that uses the Azure rate card and the usage data to determine the estimated cost per subscription group / subscription / resource with aggregation by resource group / month and day. The estimates produced helps customers keep tabs on the spend and optimize resource usage effectively.

Monitor and get notified on spend

Define thresholds in order to monitor the Azure usage against a subscription or a group of subscriptions. Robust notification mechanism helping customer users subscribe to notifications when a particular threshold is met or exceeded

Onboard both CSP & Non-CSP subscriptions

Add known CSP or non-CSP (EA/PAYG, BizSpark) Azure subscriptions to manage, view usage and analyze the spend via a unified experience.

Usage history & spend trend analytics

C3 offers a viewer over historical usage information by subscription. This detail helps analyze the trend in the spend. Rich analytics offered out-of-the-box help customers analyze, monitor and optimize the usage and resources in Azure.

Audit & Azure RBAC

Fine grained access control scoped to the extent of a tenant and a functional area. Comprehensive audit log detail to track the activity in the system for reporting and troubleshooting.

Manage Azure Reserved Instances

Azure Reserved Instances help save money by pre-paying for one year or three years ahead and thus qualify for discounts on the VMs used. With the support for management of CSP as well as non-CSP subscriptions, C3 offers support to manage Azure Reserved instances.

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